A number of residents are very concerned that we have no HOA – no representation in the park for our concerns. Our current Association is for Social – Entertainment Issues only. We have not had a strong HOA in a number of years. It is time to get some of the people who live here full time involved.
We need a group of people that is organized to deal with “concerns-issues- problems-questions” within our park. We need someone to go to and discuss a concern or problem. That group can represent the residents and interact with Management to try and resolve the issue. Think about getting involved in this group.
Just some of the things people are talking about in the park:
* Handicap entrance to clubhouse – out of service????
* Handicap entrance on pool side
* Drinking Fountains – why don’t they work?
* Losing our Storage Room in the Clubhouse
* No storage room – Do we keep Library or Exercise room?
* Outside Storage – what goes in it and who carries it back and forth to
* Clubhouse Restrooms – Handicap??? – will a wheelchair fit in there???

* Pool temperature
* Pool Rules – drinking and eating at pool
* Dogs ……
Here’s a couple pictures of our Library and Exercise room as they in mid-June along with the entrance HC door – welcome to our summer.

Please consider getting involved and joining a committee to address these issues and others that residents of the park are concerned about. Call or text Susan McDowell at 9709-749-0943 or email her at smcd9754@gmail.com and she will put you in touch with others interested in forming this committee. We need people who live here full time to get involved. Think about it please and let’s get together to work on some of the concerns bothering people in the park. We will set up a meeting in July or August to get the ball rolling. Date and time TBD.