Remember – we are well into Hurricane Season in July, and everyone should have a plan in place now for when or if a storm heads our way. I seriously hope everyone has gone onto the website for the State of Florida to check it out. You live in a mobile home – DO NOT make the mistake of riding out the storm in your home. There is a brochure in the Clubhouse – go get a copy.

Please think about joining a group to act as an HOA for our community to deal with concerns from the residents of this park. We desperately need representation for the people of the park, and we need people who live here full time. It is past time we got our voices heard.

Don’t forget while you are up north you can read our newsletter online at: and check out the park website at
Please send any information you want in the newsletter to me at
Safe summer everyone,
Susie McDowell

From your Ridgewood Reporter