Well summer is kicking in, and most everyone has gone back up to their summer homes. We will miss the busyness when everyone is here. But this is our time to get some projects done around the park. Look below for what we hope to complete this summer.

* Sewer lines/Storm water lines – We have decided to video all the sewer lines in the park, this is an effort to keep all of lines in good shape and invest where we need to make repairs. We will also take a look at the storm water drainage as well. After Hurricane Ian came thru, we feel we need to do whatever we can to reduce the buildup of water in any type of storm event.

* Removal and replacement of damaged homes in Ridgewood – as of this writing, 705 Jacaranda has been removed and hauled away. We have a local Venice firm taking care of it, they seem to be doing a good job, ½ of 844 Jacaranda has been removed already, we hope to have that one done by 5/15/2023. Hopefully in a week or so all damaged units will be removed.

* New home replacements – we have been contracting with Jacobin Homes for new replacement homes for the lots we have available in the park, we are in the process of deciding which homes we will order and hopefully in the near future they will be placed in those spots. See Paul in the RE sale dept, for details when the homes are close to completion if you are interested.

* The entrance to Ridgewood coming in from Albee Farm Rd – we just repaired and built up the two walls coming into Ridgewood, we will be adding new signage and landscaping to that entrance to make it look more inviting and freshened up in the next month or so. Keep an eye out for it, and when you return, take a look, I hope you will like it.

* Swimming Pool heaters – just wanted to touch on this, please remember that the pool is not meant to be a therapeutic pool, it is an amenity we provide for folks for swimming enjoyment. I understand folks use the pool for exercise and we keep the pool at a comfortable temperature. The owner of the park has certain perimeters for heating the pool and I try very hard to balance what he wants and what is comfortable for owners.

* New Lawncare Company – We have hired a new/old lawncare firm to take care of the turf in the park. Blue Heron has been hired back to take care of Ridgewood’s landscaping. So far, they have been doing an excellent job. The weed eating and edging are much better than the last company. So, I will keep an eye on them and hopefully they will keep going and doing a good job for us.

* Speed bumps installed – I know some folks are unhappy with the new speed bumps, But they are slowing folks down a little bit, we must be mindful of how fast we are going in the park. We have some really slow-moving folks in the park when they are walking, myself included and they just can’t get out of the way that fast. So please, be very careful!!!

* Painting in and around the park – we have been painting a lot so far this year. And it will continue. We’ve painted the wall on Albee Farm Road side with new colors, hope you like them. We repainted the blue on the clubhouse and the maint./bathroom building.

* Landscaping – I have added a lot of new plant material to the park so far, but I will continue to do more over the summer and into the rainy season.

Well, that’s all for this month. I hope you guys have a great summer and we will see you in the fall!!!
God Bless,…Brett