Minutes for April 4, 2023, at 7:00pm
A. Cell phones – turn them off
B. A silent prayer for all military – alive and passed away
C. Casino Night – was successful (no cost – donation from Arlene)
St. Patrick’s Day Tacos – very successful (no cost – donation from Jackie/Vickie)
Pancake Breakfast – very successful (Cost $120)
Year End Party – fantastic event (Cost $120 – donation Tom and Deb)
Karaoke – 50 people showed up – May 6 th (last till Oct/Nov)
Thanks to all that helped with these events and for everyone that came to support these benefits to raise money for the Association.
D. April notes will be put up in the clubhouse & on website around the 12th of every month.
E. Treasury Report – $3,712 in checking account & CD for $3,100

  • Reimbursements for anything needs to be talked about with the President. He will then talk with the Board about it and get back to you. Card games (not Casino) – the person who is running it, needs to see me. Also, if you are not that person, we will not pay you for buying decks of cards.
  • BROADSTAR – If you have a problem, please call, or email the office and let them know (don’t call the company), Brett will make the call for you and get things done.
  • ENTERTAINMENT COMMETTEE – Fran suggested that we form a group to bring in outside bands, singers, etc. The Board will discuss it and get back to everyone at a later date. This will cost extra money.
  • Paul suggested that we do the same as Spanish Bay and have everyone pay a fee of $10 or $15 per mobile home to help support this.
  • Ideas – square dance or valentine dance. We will look into.
  • We will be starting up a chorus group, headed by Angie. So if you want to sing, please sign up. We did have this before Covid, and it was fun.
  • Just a Reminder – All money that is raised goes for a liability policy of a minimum of $1,700, Association fees are $150, and HOA is another $100. We added a year end party in which we buy the primary food and will continue to do that.

  • Meeting over at 7:24pm