I’m sure everyone has noticed all the new plantings around the park these last couple of months. Everywhere you look things are looking prettier and better. Thanks for all the hard work, Office and Maintenance Crew. The main entrance has been redone and is looking spectacular. The back entrance has new plantings, and the fence is painted. When you come to the Clubhouse check out the new palms outside the pool deck and fencing. They really make the pool area look good. The fence is painted a nice clean white around the laundry drying area. Looking good Ridgewood.

Have you seen the new shuffleboard coverings? For the first time ever you can actually stand in the shade on both sides of the shuffleboard which is so great in these hot months. The lights are on so come play at night when it cools off.


It is to hot to walk outside these summer months but you can enjoy a good workout in the Clubhouse. We have a bike and 2 treadmills for use of residents in the Clubhouse. Come get a good walk in the air conditioning.