REMINDER – Just because it is October, we are still in Hurricane season. Read the information provided by the state and articles here in the newsletter. Be prepared and fingers crossed we do not have to implement any plans. October is the start of the “Season” as they call it down here. We will probably have a Social Association meeting in October or November, so watch channel 9 for updates. Snowbirds will start to return and hopefully it gets a tiny bit cooler. We can go back outside without dripping! Can’t wait for that!

Start thinking of some activities you would like to do this Season since the weather is cooler and we can return to the outdoors. There is talk of starting Shuffleboard again, Horseshoes, Cornhole, Happy Hours, Line Dancing, Bingo, Karaoke, Potluck Dinners, Italian or specialty dinners, …… What else would you like to get started here in the park? If you are interested in volunteering or you have ideas for some fun activity, mention it to one of the Social Association members and let’s get moving.
Safe October Everyone


Medicare Changes for 2024 & Question Session
Brook Hall will be the presenter (30 minutes)

Tuesday, Oct 31 st – 9:30am
Coffee & doughnuts will be served

Please sign up at the Clubhouse or call Tom 315-317-4804


“Everything from the floors to the ground” & Questions
They will talk about the importance of getting your homes tied down

Rick will be the presenter (30 minutes)
Tuesday, December 12 th

9:30am (coffee & doughnuts will be served)
Please sign up at the Clubhouse or call Tom 315-317-4804