Just starting late as President was very stressful for the first 5 weeks but it has finally calmed down and we are headed in the right direction.  I would like to thank our past President Harry Hubbling for all that he did during the pandemic keeping us together.  It was no easy task.  A big Thank You goes out to everyone that jumped on the band wagon, whether you were heading a seminar, card events, dinners or raising money for the association, my hat goes off to all of you.  Now, for all the people who came to some or all of these events, it was great to see everyone, and we are on our way to be a family again.  Covid interrupted our lives and turned everything upside down, but we have fought thru it and the future is ours.  I wish everyone that is going back home, to be safe and have a great summer.  Hope to see you back sometime between October and January.  If you are here for the year, we’ll still keep events going for camaraderie.

Thomas F. Duffy,

Social Association President

A Special THANK YOU 

Over the years at Ridgewood the owner (Mr. Green) had donated money every year to our association for us to do whatever we wanted with it, which was very nice of him.  Since he passed away, Matt Renner (new owner) has followed in his  footsteps.  Deb and I went over and talked to Brett Burmann (Park Manager) about this donation and asked him if he could see if Matt was going to do it again this year, considering hurricane Ian devastated a lot of things in the park, that needed to be fixed.  Well, on Thursday, 3/9 Brett handed us a check for $750 for the association.  I just want to say from everyone in the park, THANK YOU Gentlemen.  It’s greatly appreciated.

Tom Duffy

Association President

Social Association President’s Notes