In the July Ridgewood Review, we asked if anyone was interested in joining an Ridgewood HOA. As many will remember we have not had an active HOA for a number of years. The past manager did not take our concerns seriously or seem to care that residents had issues in the park.

Well that has changed for the better. The thought was now that we finally have a Manager that we can talk to and who will listen….it was time to get the HOA active again. With that in mind, we had some discussions with a couple of very active HOC members from Spanish Lakes. We have found out that it is actually an HOC- Home Owners Corporation-not an HOA as we were calling it.

The HOC is incorporated and represents residents of the park. We actually had an attorney for a number of years and he has passed on, but his partner will act as our lawyer same as he does for Spanish Lakes. The lawyer’s main concern has always been if the park was sold and how that would affect the residents.
We have since learned from discussions with both Spanish Lakes HOC and their lawyer, that we need two separate committees as we have had in the past. An HSA- Homeowners Social Association which oversees our entertainment – potlucks, dinners, dances, bingo, cards, etc. The HOC- Home Owners Corporation acts as a 5 member committee that represents the home owners and can negotiate with Management as the residents representatives. If Management has a question or issue, they would direct their questions to the HOC.

Until we have our annual meeting, a few people have agreed to be Acting Members until the annual meeting when people will be voted in to the HOC. Please feel comfortable to contact anyone of the HOC board to discuss any issue or concern you have. The hope is a resident will contact a member of the HOC with any questions, concerns, issues before involving the Office. Your HOC members would meet with the resident and review the issue and try to resolve it. The HOC will represent all residents at all times and interact with the Park Management to try and resolve concerns or issues that come up.

This is not a Committee to complain about things. It is obvious that Management took the article in the past newsletter as a complaint. That is not what we were trying to do. With 260 homes and 173 full time residents, it is only reasonable to assume we need an HOC to represent all our interests. The HOC will meet to discuss questions, concerns, issues, complaints and try to resolve it. If something comes up that concerns all the residents of the park, a vote of all park residents will be made at our one of our monthly HSA- Homeowners Social Association meetings before any recommendation or decision is made that affects all of us. A separate HOC meeting would only be called if absolutely necessary.

We are proud of all the Management people and Maintenance Crew who work to keep this park going and make it a great place to live. That said, there should not be dismay because we want a group to help sort issues or concerns. I think anyone who has lived here for a while agrees that things have not been taken care of the last few years and not because of the maintenance staff. Our maintenance staff is the best, but they can only do so much. I am sure our park manager will agree, it was a long list of items that were dumped in his lap. And we all agree that things are definitely looking up here. We are excited to have a Park Manager that is willing to listen and talk with residents of the park. That is something that has been missing for quite a few years. The list of concerns from the last newsletter was just what it said..a list of items people in the park are talking about, concerned about. It should in no way be taken as a complaint to the current management or maintenance crew of this park.

We all live in a beautiful environment and think it should be enjoyed by all. There are so many in the park that follow the rules and are pleasant to be around. There are also those that feel the rules do not apply to them, that do whatever they feel like, no matter how that may affect their neighbors or others that live in this park. Having an HOC to talk with some of the rule breakers before it becomes a heated argument with management would be to everyone’s best interests. Our hope is that we can all live together and enjoy our beautiful surroundings in peace.

Change HOA to HOC Acting Board – Members to be announced at later date – if you are interested in joining contact Harry Hubbling.

Ridgewood Residents,