What a fun time we all had at Vegas Night here in the park. Lots of cards and chips flying through the air as the dealers shuffled and the players laid their chips down. The Social Association made over $250.00, thanks to the hard work of Arlene Strain and her team of volunteers.

Big thank you to the Blackjack dealers, Beth Adamson, Bob Derby, Dave Wischmeyer and Jules Wurst; Mitzi Lucco-Baron dealt Texas Hold’em, Jack Poist was dealing Poker and Roger Stone manned the Roulette Wheel. Vicky Cangello and Allene Andersen handed out the chips and collected the money. Thank you all for volunteering your time.
It was very well attended, especially for April when so many go north in March. Everyone had a lot of fun. Arlene is planning on another Vegas night or two next year. We’ll be ready when she is.

Vegas Night

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