The next time you are in the Publix Grocery Store stop by the stand at the exit and grab a brochure
“READY FOR THE HURRICAN, READY FOR ANYTHING”. It is pack full of useful information to help
you prepare for hurricane season.

Articles include:
Build your Emergency Kit, Plan for an Evacuation,
Keep your pets safe, As the Storm Approaches, and
many more. Pick up a copy and get prepared now.

Hurricane Season

  1. Get prepared now – read up on where to go and what to take
    with you.
  2. Make sure you have prescriptions up to date and filled. Have at
    least a month’s supply on hand. Keep them in original containers.
  3. If you have pets – make your plans now on where to take them
    and what to take with you.
  4. Keep your car full of gas – don’t wait to fill up just before the
    storm hits.
  5. Put your shutters down and put pots and “flying objects” inside.
  6. Keep flashlights and batteries handy in case of power failure.