REMINDER – It is the busiest time of Hurricane Season so make sure you have a plan ready now. Read up on the information provided by the state and articles here in the newsletter. Be prepared and fingers crossed we do not have to implement any plans. It will just rain a lot and we will all be safe.

We have an all-volunteer HOC committee to deal with resident concerns within the park. You will find the volunteer members listed on page 3 of this newsletter or CLICK HERE to download. During our January Annual Meeting members will be voted in by residents. Until that time, thank you all for volunteering your time. You can speak to board members about any issues or concerns you have within the park. They will listen and if needed meet with park management to help solve the issue.

Inside the newsletter is a form to fill out if you have a concern you would like to discuss with the HOC board. Just fill it out and put it in the “Suggestion Box” or hand deliver to any member of the HOC board. The forms are also on a clipboard in the Clubhouse near the “Suggestion Box”.

Safe Summer Everyone

Under Recurring activities can you add: I’m sure everyone has noticed all the new plantings around the park these last couple of months. The main entrance is redone and looking spectacular. If you come to the Clubhouse check out the new palms outside the pool deck and fencing. They look really beautiful.
Have you seen the new shuffleboard coverings? For the first time ever you can actually stand in the shade on both sides of the shuffleboard which is so great in these hot months.

September Newsletter