Emily Mills was our Ridgewood Office Manager for many years.  She retired at 95 and will celebrate her 100th birthday soon.  She lives at Spanish lakes and her son sent me this bio.  I know we all wish her well and I sent a Birthday Wish to her family form all of us at Ridgewood.

Emily is one of 13 children and still has four other siblings residing in Maryland.  Good family genes, staying active, a strong faith in God and a positive outlook have contributed to her reaching her 100th birthday milestone.  Her two sons have passed away but her two daughters are nearby…one in Spanish Lakes and the other in Englewood.  She has many grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren.

Emily worked at the sister park of Ridgewood for 20 years and retired at 95.  She always has a jigsaw puzzle going, takes care of her orchids hanging in her front yard and enjoys playing slot machines.  

A celebration of her 100 wonderful years is being held in Maryland with family and friends.  About 100 people are expected to attend.